Original Art Gallery

These hand made mixed media prints with colored pencil drawings are inspired by classic botanical lithographs, scientific illustrations, and nature studies, with the intention to create a fresh and Contemporary representation of these traditional art forms.

Several artistic techniques are employed to create each piece. The first step is to paint and press the actual leaves, corals, or fishes with black ink on white paper until a good representation is achieved. Utilizing a photographic process, the image is 'burned' onto a silk screen. Over decades, we have produced a library of hundreds of images on silk screens from which our compositions are created. To create a work of art, each image is silk-screened individually in the appropriate color and sometimes over-painted. Depending upon the piece, one or dozens of screenings may be used. Illustrations complementing the primary subject, or details, are added with colored pencil. It is a labor intensive effort resulting in unique and one of a kind pieces of art we hope you will appreciate and enjoy.

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