Original prints / Recycled wood frames

Our individually printed and painted nature studies on cream paper look fantastic in one-of-a-kind frames made from reclaimed wood. Here are a few examples. Pick your favorite print and we'll pair it with a frame for you. We'll send you a photo of your piece before shipping to make sure you're happy with it. Custom prints are available if you'd like a variation on size or subject, and general frame colors can be requested. Frame color ranges include whites, blues, turquoises, greens, yellows, reds, and natural wood.

Due to the unique nature of the frames, sizes vary. The dimension given with each piece refers to the size of the print picture window. The framing wood is generally 2 to 3" wide, made from flat or beaded board, so add that to the picture size to determine approximate outside dimension. 

We offer FREE SHIPPING within the Continental U.S.  Please contact us for shipping elsewhere.