Great White Egret and Frangipani

$ 145.00


An Egret flew over a Frangipani tree close by one morning and I was lucky to see it from our 3rd-floor deck. Their bright colors and long feathers are spectacular during the breeding season. The Frangipani Hornworm caterpillar which feeds on the tree is a good 6" long with spectacular markings. Many of them were munching on a Frangipani tree at the West Martello Garden one Spring day.

This piece features hand-painted nature prints of the leaves and blossoms with extensive colored pencil drawings of the branches, the caterpillar, the Egret and one of its long feathers. The Frangipanis are also finished with color pencil detailing.
Reproductions available in 2 sizes: 11x14" and 15x20"

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