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Are you ready to go on an adventure? 

ic: ~ photo by Milena Mills
Right outside the door, a whole world awaits our discovery.
Join me, and we'll take a journey into remarkable habitats and observe the cast of incredible characters who dwell there.

Long time professional artist and illustrator, Dawn Wilkins, loves sharing her passion for the natural world around us whether from a kayak seat, during a walk in the woods, or through her art, where she beckons us to look closer.

Her whimsical artwork and nature studies tell a story of the fascinating relationships in the environment near our homes and in unique places around the planet. Dawn relishes sharing discoveries with her readers and those who appreciate her art.

~ photo by Milena Mills  

Whether swimming, diving, sailing, kayaking, or hiking through the woods, Dawn loves exploring. She has been living an adventurous lifestyle on islands, sailboats, and remote mountain lakes that allow her to experience, study, and closely observe the subjects she celebrates in her art and writing.

These wondrous and distinctive landscapes inspire a desire to capture the magic.
Dawn's joyful response to nature is evident in her work, and those who admire her original, colorful, light-hearted style often say that it makes them smile and feel peaceful. It is simply how the work comes through, and Dawn is delighted to bring this to her audience.

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