Mother Nature is my Muse...

and my partner in design

Ocean beaches, coral reefs, tropical jungles, outrageous gardens, northern forests, fields of ferns... Dawn Wilkins thrives on the endless inspiration provided by our amazing planet. With an artist’s eye and a naturalist's perspective, her work expresses a beautiful elegance with a whimsical touch appreciated, enjoyed, and collected by many.


"The Earth Laughs in Flowers"    

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson~    

                                         Richard Watherwax photo from "Twenty Key West Artists"

About the Work...

Outrageous leaves, ferns, fish, flowers and corals, all inspire Dawn to celebrate the amazing designs created by Mother Nature in her original hand made mixed media prints and textile designs.

Utilizing a technique called Nature Printing, Dawn makes accurate reproductions from natural forms such as plants or fish by painting and pressing them.

The images are preserved by burning them onto silk screens. Over the years, she's developed a large library of specimens on screens with which she creates her  compositions. Summers spent in northern mountains and lakes, and extensive travels in the Hawaiian Islands inspire the inclusion of a growing variety of temperate and tropical ferns in the collection. 

Classic botanical lithographs, nature studies, and scientific illustrations all influence and inspire the work and the goal is to create a fresh and contemporary representation of these revered art forms.

The mixed media hand made prints on paper begin with multiple screenings of nature prints that are then over painted to achieve dimension and to add detail. I then add extensive colored pencil drawings to my nature prints to tell a story, typically demonstrating nature’s interconnected relationships. Careful observation of, and direct interaction with the enchanting world around us inspires the subjects in my art. Japanese signature seals aka chops were designed to identify the series as Helio's, which means Sun in Latin.   

Textile Design


In addition to her prints on paper, Wilkins’ oversees the business, Helio Graphics, offering a collection of botanical and sea-inspired designs, hand printed and painted on fabric by the yard and functional art products such as pillows, bed scarves, and table linens.

It takes a team!  Wendy Ochalek's production company oversees our line of interior design products and fabrics. We work closely together to create pieces you will love.  Wendy, aka Poo, is a master colorist and doubles as a Home Interiors Consultant.