Sea star, Fish, Seahorse, Sea fans, and Corals: Handprinted Pillow Covers in sandy beach blues

$ 120.00

Click on photos to enlarge for your ease in viewing!

Color palette: sand, stone & antique blue 
(Though available on your choice of natural or white fabric, all pillows shown here are on natural fabric, resulting in a soft soothing look. Go with white fabric if that works best in your space and you'd like more color contrast and a crisper feel).

Beautiful dried soft corals found tossed onto a beach after a storm inspired us to create nature prints of them, resulting in these charming designs. 
Our corals and sea fans are paired with classic ocean accents including starfish, seahorses, fish, and shells. A simpler design on the back allows the pillow to be displayed in 2 ways. We offer many options, contact us to discuss your favorites.

Our whimsical yet elegant pillows are the perfect way to bring a sophisticated seaside style into your home!

Fabric: top-quality white or natural prewashed 100% cotton. Prices given are for the cover only (inserts can be purchased at most fabric or craft stores)

Designs pictured: a sampling of our pillow covers in assorted  sizes and marine designs 

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