Handmade Prints


The world around us is illustrated in our handmade mixed media prints celebrating nature's magic. Inspired by classic botanical lithographs, vintage scientific illustrations, and nature studies, we create Contemporary, vibrant versions of these revered art forms.  Original pieces and Giclée reproductions are available here.  If the original piece is still available, it is noted next to the art.

Our work features Nature Prints, full-size reproductions from plants, ferns, and fish. We capture the impressions of these organic specimens and preserve them on silkscreens. Our handmade prints on paper begin with multiple screenings of nature prints, then overpainted to add dimension and detail. Illustrations in watercolor and colored pencil are often added to tell a story about nature’s interconnectedness. Japanese signature seals, aka chops, identify our series as Helio, which means Sun in Latin. Integrating this unique combination of mediums and processes results in something special we hope you will appreciate. 

Many of our handmade prints are professionally photographed, so if the original is sold, or you prefer to purchase a less expensive reproduction, you're in luck!  Our gicleés are the highest quality method of art reproduction available today, produced on archival paper.  
Prices for reproductions are for a print only, and we offer them in several sizes. The smaller sizes are often printed with a white border around the art, so they fit beautifully into an 11 x 14" or 12x16" frame with or without a mat. The larger versions usually fit in standard mats.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss framing options.

We offer FREE SHIPPING within the Continental U.S.  Please contact us for shipping elsewhere.

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