World Turtle Day

"Keys to My Heart: Fan palm, Green turtle, Stone crab, Conch"

Here’s a Honu for you on World Turtle Day, May 23, 2023.
Seems like a good time to share this new piece of art, inspired by a Green turtle found floating off our dock after a cold snap the last day of December. Sadly, it did not survive the chilly waters. The Turtle Hospital confirmed similar reports due to unusually cold temperatures. The little guy, who measured 18” from head to tail, was incredibly beautiful and in perfect condition. I photographed and later honored it in this piece. 

 Even on this protected residential peninsula where I live, our little dock provides a window into an ocean world upon which I thrive. The small natural habitat of coral rocks, mangrove roots, Buttonwood bushes, and turtle grass all provide a place for crabs, fish, even octopus, and birds to hang out and hide.
These small sightings are hi-lights of my day, nourishing my world and inspiring my creative spirit.

Honu, the Hawaiian word for Green turtle, is a symbol for good luck and wisdom and a reminder to walk a peaceful path.