Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York 
Kingfisher, Woolly bear caterpillar, Isabella tiger moth, Yellow birch 
8x28" mixed media print on cream paper
 nature prints of leaves with colored pencil illustrations 

Like clockwork each fall, a Kingfisher flies into the cove in front of our cabin and hangs out in the Yellow Birch branches overhanging the lake.  This stunning bird with a punk crown of feathers preens and plunges into the water for fish.
The magical scene inspires me to create variations of art celebrating the beauty.

 In October, the brilliant leaves fill the woods with golden light, and you're likely to find Woolly bear caterpillars inching their way across the forest floor before hibernating. They can freeze up to 7 times (!) over winter and survive until spring, when they prepare a cocoon and transform into the lovely Isabella Tiger Moth.

~ the original of this piece along with gicleé reproductions are available for purchase on this website ~