Woodpecker and Banana blossom... say what?

My work often features what may seem like unusual pairings, although the inspiration usually comes from observation of nature in action.

Woodpecker and Banana blossom is a perfect example. One does not typically associate the two, but a Red-bellied Woodpecker repeatedly visited a banana blossom dangling from a tree in our garden during Springtime nesting season. It landed on the purple banana heart, picked off the ants, and flew away, only to return a few minutes later repeating the process. Ants are drawn to the sweet nectar dripping from tiny buds that gradually mature into little bananas that form in their place. 
This wise woodpecker found a steady source of ants to feed its young for many mornings, and
 I captured photos inspiring this piece. Though my photographs are blurry, they do provide proof.

I use a variety of mediums in a multi-layered process to create my mixed media botanical prints and nature studies. 
In this piece, nature prints of Banana leaves frame the interior illustrations that I added in colored pencil. A drawing of a Woodpecker feather completes the study.
My work often tells a story, illustrating nature’s beauty and interconnectedness.
It's available on this site under Art Gallery, Handmade prints.
Here's the blurry photo from our garden!