What magical creatures Seahorses are!  Imagine our delight when we discovered two of these tiny creatures swimming near the surface in a shallow sea grass bottomed bay surrounded by mangroves. While I was guiding an afternoon kayak tour for Key West Eco Tours, a few kids spotted them. The seahorses' tiny little fluttering fins distinguished them from what first appeared to be flotsam on the surface. We gently placed them in a jar of ocean water and passed it from kayak to kayak so all could get a close look at this fascinating and unusual fish before releasing it back into the sea. Did you know seahorses and pipefish, a close relative, spend 80% of their life in the sea grass meadows? They are there but it is hard to see them!

Years ago a sea horse attached itself to the line of my dinghy. I had untied the line and tossed it into my boat where I found the unfortunate little guy the next morning. Sadly, it did not survive, but it was immortalized as I painted and printed it, then 'burned' its image onto a silkscreen (a photographic process.) I feature it in many of my pieces and everyone loves it. Here's one recently created for a cool recycled green and purple wood frame. You will find many more pieces of art with sea horses throughout my website.